Serving the Model A Restorer Since 1976

About Bratton's

Bratton's Antique Auto Parts is a small company specializing in QUALITY parts for 1928-1931 Model A Fords.  Bratton's was started in the  mid 1970's By Walt who began restoring & polishing the stainless steel components for the Model A, so he could fund the restoration of his personal Model A.   During the early years Walt worked a 9-5 job with the federal government and then came home and worked 6-10 polishing stainless steel.  As his reputation for quality stainless restoration became known customers started asking him hey I also need this part or that part.  As more customer's requested more and more parts Walt decided to step out and leave the federal government and started Bratton's Antique Auto Parts full time.

In an effort to produce and sell the most accurately made part he could, Walt would identify parts that were of marginal quality, then get a copy of the prints and send this out for quoting and production.  Walt's philosophy has always been if I don't want to put the part on my own car, then I am not going to sell it.  With this mind set firmly established we are now making over 500 different parts and working with over 300 different vendors.

After graduating college in 2000 Walt's youngest daughter Debbie began working full time in the business doing the accounting parts of the business to let her mother Martha enter into early retirement and spend time with 2 of her grandchildren while Debbie was working.  Than around 2002 Debbie's Husband Jeff started working at the shop pulling orders, packing and whatever else needed to be done around the shop. 

 Walt is now semi-retired and enjoys traveling around the world, while Jeff & Debbie continue to run the business under the same philosophies that Walt established all those years ago.